The GIFset that you posted with four parts, where the girl and guy are just using their hands and not doing anything else and she’s in her bra, what video is that from? I’m dying to know!”

It’s called ‘Breakfast in Bed’ and you can watch it below, or here!

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“Okay, so here’s the thing. I consider myself straight, even though I believe everyone’s got a secret lesbian inside of them. But when I watch porn, I always turn to the girl-on-girl or just girl solo. I watch it because their moaning is just so damn SEXY. And the noises they make when they’re about to climax, hot damn it turns me on so much. Sometimes I just turn on some porn, close my eyes, and do my thing. It gets me so wet.” - Anon

Then I think you’ll like this video, Anon. A lot.

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Hell yeah blast right inside her.. Make a baby



my fingers are in both holes^^